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About Us

     Blue Mountain Wellness is dedicated to improving the lives of our patients and families affected by psychiatric illness and addiction. Blue Mountain Wellness pursues this mission by providing the highest quality compassionate, specialized, and effective clinical care, in partnership with those we serve.

Core Values

     We dedicate ourselves each and every day to Blue Mountain Wellness's mission of clinical care, in order to improve the lives of people with psychiatric illnesses and addictions.

In all of our work, we strive to:

  • Conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity

  • Demonstrate compassion and respect for our patients, and their families.

  • Foster an environment that embraces diversity and promotes teamwork.

     Blue Mountain Wellness, LLC was established by Lucy Constantine, a distinguished Adult Psychiatry CRNP and addiction specialist. Our mission is to provide Medication Assisted Treatment to individuals aged 18 and above who are struggling with addiction.

     At Blue Mountain Wellness, accessibility is a priority. We strive to be readily available to all patients, establishing a partnership that empowers individuals on their path to recovery. Our commitment to compassionate care and unwavering support guides our every interaction, as we believe in helping our patients achieve a healthier and more fulfilling future.

Lucy Constantine, CRNP


     Lucy's profound passion for addressing addiction to drugs and alcohol emerged through her work in psychiatry. With her extensive education, including advanced degrees and certifications, Lucy's treatment expertise lies in dual diagnosis. We specialize in co-occurring disorders, recognizing that mental disorders and substance use disorders require separate treatment plans. As a proud member of the American Society for Addiction Medicine (ASAM), Lucy remains at the forefront of advanced addiction treatment approaches.

     With Lucy's wealth of experience in managing large caseloads within both inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities, she is dedicated to delivering personalized care of the highest professional standard. Her practice upholds the values of discretion and confidentiality, ensuring that each patient feels respected, supported, and free from judgment. She believes in fostering a collaborative environment, working hand in hand with our patients to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes.


     Sean is committed to delivering personalized care that is unrivaled in our area. In recovery since 2017, Sean is aware of the challenges that healing from addiction brings. Immediately upon entering the office, Sean will greet you. All of your apprehension and anxiety will disappear. You will be treated with kindness and understanding in a nonjudgemental approach. Always confidential. He will explain the 1st visit procedure, a careful diagnostic evaluation tailored to your individual concerns. Sean makes himself readily accessible to all patients so that we can partner with them to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes.


LEO, Director of Communications and Understanding, Good Boy


     Leo has been with Blue Mountain Wellness since its inception. Leo is certified as a therapy dog. He is an amazing canine who gives love unconditionally. Every patient who sees Leo lights up immediately. He has a sixth sense for when someone has an emotional need and helps patients feel less anxious and more present in every aspect of treatment. Leo’s presence brings an atmosphere of calm to difficult conversations — a benefit that aids patients in the recovery process. There is life beyond addiction, and Leo can provide a key piece of the puzzle. Leo is judgment free, with no preconceived notions, and his unconditional love boosts confidence and sparks interaction.

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